Lifestyle Photography: Week 3

Part 1:  Conceptual Contrast

This week, Brooke Snow showed us how to incorporate elements of contrast within the image.  We all want to have compelling, interesting photographs and this is another factor for me to keep in mind.

Shopping for Shorts for Larry, Android Phone, Vignette App

Even though I took this with the camera in my cellphone, I did think about the composition.  It was impossible to see the screen in the bright light, but in the end I thought the contrast of the reflections and the poster through the window was interesting.

50 mm lens

The human mark against the beauty of nature fascinates me.

17-85 mm lens

I waited for her to move into the patch of sunlight, taking advantage of the contrast of light and shadow.

Part 2:  The Decisive Moment

Slow down and wait for it, wait for it . . . 
Waiting for that decisive moment is truly a challenge.  I am so afraid that I will miss something special if I don't keep pressing that shutter.  But Brooke encouraged us to watch and wait, to only take three images (did she mean 30?) and post the best one.

17-85 mm

Her increasing ease in the water is a joy to behold.

This week, I did find myself thinking more, taking more time.  It's not always clear to me why I find a scene compelling, so this practice forced me to be more thoughtful and deliberate.  


  1. Thinking about contrast is making your shots even more musical!

    And music is what REALLY matters. ...

    Contrast isn't a virtue in itself - but good only if it heightens the MUSIC!

    : D

    ( SelectCircle )

  2. Love your shots this week! What fun shots in the pool!

  3. Love that wire image. I take photos on my iphone all the time. I'm addicted to iphoneography. It has helped me expand my creativity a ton. So I totally think a mobile phone picture is perfectly perfect!

  4. Love the shot of Piper! I think you are very thoughtful as you're composing. So glad you got to take this class before your trip to Houston this weekend!


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