Lifestyle Photography: Week 2

Part 1:  Point of View

Why did I choose to photograph flowers?  I have no idea.  It is not a strong subject for me, but I thought it would provide a lot of options for this assignment.   Let's just say, it was challenging.  And I learned a lot.  Such as, get bigger blooms.

Image 1 - First Attempt  {Lensbaby Composer}

Images 2,3,4 - Other Points of View

The Intruder - He inserts himself whenever he has a chance.  

Part 2:  Less is More

The Scene - We have rediscovered the joys of the dollar theater.  

Telling the Story in Three Images

Telling the Story, Part 1

Taking the plunge, flying by the seat of my pants, keeping mild panic at bay - this is what it felt like in my first week as a participant in Brooke Snow's Lifestyle photography class.

The adventure in learning began during a particularly full week, leaving me with barely 24 hours to complete the assignment.  I am not sure I have ever felt so squeezed for time, facing I project I had been eagerly anticipating. 

So Fathers' Day became crunch day.  We spent the evening poolside with our granddaughter, Piper.  I hope the  images help you see the fun, and the special relationship between her and her grandfather.

Character/Detail Shots

Character/Conflict Shots
This was hard to pull off.  These images convey some emotion, but I feel they lack the element of tension that conflict brings.  Something to work on . . .

The Pool is Open

hot sun

cool water

pink Minnie Mouse swimsuit

splash into summer 2011!

" Your joy will be like a river overflowing its banks!"
John 16, The Message

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