12.12.12 Time Capsule

December 12, 2012


When I followed Xanthe's encouragement to join a group in creating a time capsule of photos and video on this special day,  I knew it would be a stretch.

Since our granddaughter, Piper, would be spending the week with us, it seemed natural that the day would be about her.  She has been my creative muse since her premature birth in 2006.

This is typical.
She is always up to something funny.

I had a few obstacles to overcome.  Some I didn't realize until after the fact . . .

  • December mornings are really, really dark.
  • I am just learning to use the video on my DSLR.  On previous time capsules,  I borrowed a flip video - not as pretty, but so easy. 
  • I would be wrestling with camera and tripod.
  • Piper would be eating breakfast, getting ready for school.
  • I would be responsible for getting her to school on time. 
  • We had a 45 minute drive to her school through morning traffic.

What did I learn?

  • It would have helped to turn on extra lights.
  • Next time, I need to shoot more.  It was hard for me focus on getting Piper ready for her day and stay behind the camera.
  • I went with what I had, even though it is only part of our day.   In the end, it is for us.  

Alas, Blogger will not let me upload the video directly to this post.

Until I figure this out, would you please click one more time?

It is best viewed on Vimeo anyway,  by clicking HERE.

Conclusion:  I am so glad we did this, as rough as the video is.  
I learned so much by stretching myself, by letting go of perfection and just going for it.

Won't you give it a try?  

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