All Boys are Princes

One of my favorite movies is "The Little Princess."  I am talking about the 1995 version, and not the one that starred Shirley Temple in 1939.

My paraphrase of a favorite line is, " All  girls are princesses."  So it seems obvious that all boys are princes.  At least that's the way it goes in our family.

In July, we celebrated Prince Elijah's first birthday in Knoxville, with Lindsay and Brent, and Brent's parents, Barry and Sharon. 

There were balloons....

and cake  (gluten free in this case, made lovingly by Mommy)

and the Prince.

Let's not forget the paparazzi.

We came bearing gifts, including this state of the art Radio Flyer wagon from Barry and Sharon.

It was a happy day.

"Don't you see that children are God's best gift?  The fruit of the womb His generous legacy? ...Oh, how blessed are you parents...."
Psalm 127, The Message

Sum Sum Summertime!

We are squeezing out the very last drop of Summer.

Our days have contained plenty of heat but little water.  She's been sick a lot this season and it's kept her landlocked.

Since we've had so many 100+ days in Texas , it's hard to imagine that soon it might be too cool to swim.

So this was her day!

  Yeah, there is still a kid in there, too.

Summer, please stay a little longer?  See you in September?

Who is she  kidding!  Often Summer lingers until October.  

She loves Texas.

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