A State Fair

The State Fair of Texas closes today after an exciting three week run.  
When we moved to Dallas as a young married couple in 1976, we enthusiastically embraced the joys of having the fair in our very own city.

 Over the years, our family grew.  We took the children, and now the grandchildren.  

We weren't much for the midway.  We were always too cheap to spend the money on expensive rides and games.  

The animal barns, creative art displays of photography, needle arts and canning fascinated us.  
We are all fans of the wild bird shows, the Frisbee chasing dogs, the acrobats and the new cars in the automobile building.

Oh, let's not forget the food.  There is nothing like fair food. 
Fine dining, indeed.

Well, this year turned out a little differently.  
One little one thinks fair = rides.  
So off we went.  

No, we didn't ride this one.  
The very next night, the ride failed and people were stuck at the top for two hours. 
Scary and chilly.  Can you imagine?

All in all, we had a terrific day.  
Even though the thrill seeker was disappointed she didn't get a few more rides, and passionately declared it the "worst fair ever."  
Seriously?  You be the judge.

Happy face following the last ride. 
We love these statements, and bring them out every chance we get.

Now I have to tell you about Big Tex.  
He is the state fair mascot, a representation of all things Texas, a huge presence in the center of the fair grounds.

I have so many photos of him from years past, that I didn't pay him much attention this time.  

My Facebook post the next day:

Big Tex, I feel terrible about our visit yesterday. When we saw you at the State Fair, I was so cavalier, thinking I already had so many photos of your greatness from previous visits that I didn't need another one this year. All I have to show is this crappy photo. I didn't even care enough to include your head. Wish I had known it would be your last day with us. Wish I had known that you would burn like a cotton ball this morning. They tell us you will come back next year, better than ever. I hope they are right.

Yes, Big Tex caught fire, possibly an electrical short.  Burned down to the frame.  

Very sad.  

He was only a part of our background the day of our visit.  We'll try to make it up to him next year.

I hope you have the fun of a fair where you are.  

And if you are ever in Dallas at the end of September into October, I hope you will pay us a  visit.

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