Today, the daily photo prompt over at Shutter Sisters is "time".  

So I started thinking about how to represent time in an image.  
There are clocks, hour glasses, calendars . . .

Round and round went my thoughts while I tackled an editing project.  The son of my very dear friend, Deb, was married last month.  I have a load of photos from the rehearsal dinner to sort through.

This is one of my favorites.  My husband took it the morning after the wedding.

Karla and Deb

Here we are, two women who met as young mothers, a long time ago.  Now our children are marrying and starting families of their own.  

A few days ago, as I sorted through 25+ years of neglected jewelry, it was as though I was holding my entire fashion history in a single box.  

I could remember when I bought that necklace, how this bracelet rarely left my arm.  I was reminded of special friends, how we dressed in those days and the fun we had.  And how I miss Susan, friend and fashion companion, who left this life five years ago. 

a mother and her two daughters

Today I wear no earrings, fewer bracelets.  Still love a necklace, though.  

So many ways to measure time, to notice its flow.  Many events are universal, common to each of us.
But it is still ours alone, a unique experience.  

Do you remember when you lost your first tooth?  
I do.  
And so will she.

It's her turn.  It's her time.

There is an opportune time to do things, a right time for everything on the earth.
Ecclesiastes 3

We Found a Beach

I grew up in Miami, Florida.  It was a quick drive to the beach so it was nothing for us to run over there.
Since moving to North Texas more than three decades ago, our beach visits have been infrequent, requiring lengthy car rides.  

Imagine our delight to discover a beach only one hour from our landlocked home .

Located in Fort Worth, Texas,  Burger's Lake offers summer fun for everyone. Burger's Lake is a 30-acre park featuring a one-acre spring-fed lake for swimming.  

Throw in some slides, a trapeze drop, and a diving platform.

Lots of shady spots and picnic tables under the towering live oaks.

Spring fed? My heart sang.  Most of our recreational lakes are man made, great for fishing and boating, but not for beach play.  

The water was fresh and cool on that not-so-hot, 90 degree day. 

 And the photographer in me gave a happy sigh.  Beach pictures.  It has been a long time. 

He refreshes my soul.  
Psalm 23:3

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