We Found a Beach

I grew up in Miami, Florida.  It was a quick drive to the beach so it was nothing for us to run over there.
Since moving to North Texas more than three decades ago, our beach visits have been infrequent, requiring lengthy car rides.  

Imagine our delight to discover a beach only one hour from our landlocked home .

Located in Fort Worth, Texas,  Burger's Lake offers summer fun for everyone. Burger's Lake is a 30-acre park featuring a one-acre spring-fed lake for swimming.  

Throw in some slides, a trapeze drop, and a diving platform.

Lots of shady spots and picnic tables under the towering live oaks.

Spring fed? My heart sang.  Most of our recreational lakes are man made, great for fishing and boating, but not for beach play.  

The water was fresh and cool on that not-so-hot, 90 degree day. 

 And the photographer in me gave a happy sigh.  Beach pictures.  It has been a long time. 

He refreshes my soul.  
Psalm 23:3


  1. Congratulations Karla for getting back in the saddle again. I absolutely love your header. We are spoiled here in Michigan, we live less than a mile from Lake Michigan, so I kind of take beaches for granted.

  2. Hi Karla...i just love the beach too...so glad you found one kinda close to home!

  3. Looks like a perfect day Karla. Welcome back to blogging :) I love your header photo of the man at the end of the beach. It's really an amazing photo.

    This is Karla. I inadvertently deleted Stacie Spencer's kind words above.

  4. How fabulous that you've discovered your nearby beach!Love your fun images!

  5. Hi Karla,
    We stayed in Dallas for a very short while. This lake sounds like an ideal spot for summer.
    Hope you had a great weekend.
    With love


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