Lifestyle Photography: Week 2

Part 1:  Point of View

Why did I choose to photograph flowers?  I have no idea.  It is not a strong subject for me, but I thought it would provide a lot of options for this assignment.   Let's just say, it was challenging.  And I learned a lot.  Such as, get bigger blooms.

Image 1 - First Attempt  {Lensbaby Composer}

Images 2,3,4 - Other Points of View

The Intruder - He inserts himself whenever he has a chance.  

Part 2:  Less is More

The Scene - We have rediscovered the joys of the dollar theater.  

Telling the Story in Three Images


  1. That first flower attempt is AWESOME!!!

    Please upload that on Flickr.

    And do more street scenes!

    ( SelectCircle )

  2. Love your pics. What a fun theatre venue to shoot!!! Perfect.

  3. I love the image of the vase. And your theater images are timeless.

  4. Love the shots! That first flower picture is so beautiful!

  5. Love the flower shots, especially the second one of the vase. The color and shadow draws me into that one.


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