Lifestyle Photography: Week 4 {the finale}

Part 1:  Thematic and Conceptual Shooting

For the love of the game, my husband does not think twice about heading out to the course even if the temps are 100+ in the afternoon.  He loves the heat.  And he likes the wide open fairways, as more sensible people are enjoying the air conditioned indoors, and are downing icy, cold drinks. 

Part 2:  Getting into the Picture

Aaarrgghh.  I won't even get into the challenges of this assignment.  Except for the dead battery in the remote trigger.  And the sun, which insisted on moving across the sky faster than I could finish.  And all the little things I noticed when I saw the images on the computer.  Did I learn anything?  Oh, yes.

Enjoying the morning sunshine in my driveway at 7 AM.  

Thank you to Brooke Snow and fellow photogs for a thoroughly enjoyable learning experience.  I'm sorry to see it end.


  1. Karla, Love your site and your photo' sad to see this class end

  2. Love these! So great! The golf image is stunning. That needs to be printed large, or as a canvas.

  3. What a great self portrait! Is that grapefruit white sangria in the picture? Love you!

  4. Both of these pictures are so fantastic! LOVE them! I can't even remember what it feels like to be 100 degrees. Today we got 12 inches of snow in Pennsylvania. 12 stinking inches : (


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