Popcorn Attack

Having a sister like Claudia is another reason to be grateful.  (Check out the gratitude group on flickr.)

She is such a good sport to go along with my photographic adventures.  

During our stay in Rochester earlier in the month, she happily agreed to come with me to the beach at Lake Ontario.  I was looking for a shot of flying gulls against the water and sky.

Heading out the door, I shoved a handful of leftover popcorn into a ziplock bag. 

 "Here, Claudia, this will attract the birds!"  

It started out so well.  See how happy she is!

"This is fun!" she said.  She always did like animals.

But then things took a different turn. 

It was like a scene from The Birds. She told me later that she was a little frightened.

So, she made a getaway.  By this time, I was laughing so hard I couldn't focus.  

Now, how could you not love a sister like Claudia?  I do.  

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  1. Ha ha. - Seagulls can indeed get aggressive!

    I haven't much of a relationship with my sisters. ... They're too ready to sell out God.

    ( SelectCircle )


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