The Gift of Time

My sister gave me the best Christmas gift ever.  And it came early, too.   I had a big problem and she helped me take care of it. 

On the weekend before Christmas, she gave me the gift of time. 

Let me tell you what happened.

I barely noticed when it first started a few weeks ago.  The little winged moth seemed nothing more than an innocent traveler  passing through.  Now I think he was the scout, looking for a comfy place to take up residence, to invite his family and friends and populate.

My problem was pantry moths.  Have you ever heard of them?  Let me tell you, they are no fable.  They do exist. 

We declared war.  On the Saturday before Christmas, there was no peace in my kitchen.  Out went everthing in my pantry that was not in a can or hard plastic container.  We scrubbed the walls and shelves, wiped down everything we put back. 

Now look! 

Claudia is the best sister in the world!  Let the baking begin....

1 comment

  1. Ha ha ha.

    That looks now like something that'll never fall into disorder again!

    : D

    I'll trade you those moths for the mice that occasionally get into mine!

    A house full of cats - and still no help!

    ( christian.potential )


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