For Brent

Well, the fun had to end sometime. 

After 10 full days of visiting and frolicking with baby Eli and Lindsay, we had to say goodbye at the airport today.  Only one thing could have made our time better, and that would have been the presence of husband and dad, Brent. 

Thank you, Brent, for sacrficing and sharing your family with us.  We missed you lots!

Brent, remember the misty morning when I was visiting in Knoxville last month?  You and little Eli toured garage sales in the neighborhood.  If he is anything like his parents, he is on his way to becoming a  bargain hunter and will learn how to profit from a good buy.

Hmm...didn't that baby carrier come from Craig's List?

And you know, someone is always watching to see what's going to happen next!

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